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Let's Secure Our Future

Charlotte Larocque, Aboriginal Spirit Name Kona Iskwew (Snow Woman) is working to
create positive change to Secure Our Future. Of Metis decent, Charlotte Larocque has
lived the majority of her life in Northern Manitoba. She has lived in Wabowden, Leaf
Rapids, Wanless, Flin Flon, The Pas and Thompson.

Her political astuteness when working with various forms of governments, industries,
communities and other stakeholder groups, has resulted in extensive experience working with Indigenous communities and their cultures. Charlotte strongly believes in the success that can come from having a diverse way of thinking and behavioral flexibility. 

Charlotte is a strong, influential leader and asset, who brings professionalism, innovation and drive to Communities, industries, small and large businesses in the public and private sectors.  Charlotte has a passion for empowering people to create economic prosperity for all
and forward movement.

Charlotte has worked with Indigenous Communities to prepare, strengthen and engage their members in the workforce while maintaining their traditional culture, values and
beliefs. She achieved this through creating relationships, building trust and ensuring win
win results. She has a keen ability to work with the people to provide the leadership to
take a proposed plan through to successful operation.

Charlotte has many years of experience in managerial, training and leadership roles,
including motivational speaking, developing programs, philosophies, visions, goals,
policies, long-term objectives and framework, as well as managing teams and budgets
for success. She is able to collaborate with clients, teams, communities and
organizations to achieve positive change.